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Chronologiczny spis kanonicznych opowiadań

Z Biblioteki Ossus, polskiej encyklopedii ''Gwiezdnych wojen''.
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Chronologiczny spis kanonicznych opowiadań obejmuje opowiadania powstające we współpracy z Lucasfilm Story Group i należące do kanonu.

Czas akcji Tytuł oryginalny Tytuł polski
20 - 19 BBY Kindred Spirits
The ‎Voice of the Empire
14 BBY Orientation
14 BBY Mercy Mission (opowiadanie)
14 - 4 BBY TK-462 (opowiadanie)
11 BBY Bottleneck
Ok. 10 BBY The End of History
4 BBY Rebel Bluff
0 BBY Raymus
0 BBY The Bucket
0 BBY The Sith of Datawork
0 BBY Stories in the Sand
0 BBY Reirin
0 BBY The Red One
0 BBY Rites
0 BBY Master and Apprentice
0 BBY Beru Whitesun Lars
0 BBY The Luckless Rodian
0 BBY Not for Nothing
0 BBY We Don't Serve Their Kind Here
0 BBY The Kloo Horn Cantina Caper
0 BBY Added Muscle
0 BBY You Owe Me a Ride
0 BBY The Secrets of Long Snoot
0 BBY Born in the Storm
0 BBY Laina
0 BBY Fully Operational
0 BBY An Incident Report
0 BBY Change of Heart
0 BBY Eclipse
0 BBY Verge of Greatness
0 BBY The Trigger
0 BBY Of MSE-6 and Men
0 BBY Bump
0 BBY End of Watch
0 BBY The Baptist
0 BBY Time of Death
0 BBY There is Another
0 BBY Palpatine
0 BBY Sparks
0 BBY Duty Roster
0 BBY Grounded
0 BBY Desert Son
0 BBY Contingency Plan
0 BBY The Angle
0 BBY By Whatever Sun
0 BBY Whills
Ok. 0 BBY Last Call at the Zero Angle
0 BBY One Thousand Levels Down
3 BBY Inbrief
4 ABY Blade Squadron
4 ABY The Levers of Power
4 ABY Turning Point
Ok. 4 ABY Blade Squadron: Zero Hour
Ok. 4 ABY Blade Squadron: Kuat
5 ABY Blade Squadron: Jakku
Ok. 28 ABY Scorched
ok 31 ABY The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku
The Perfect Weapon
All Creatures Great and Small
The Face of Evil
High Noon on Jakku
A Recipe for Death
True Love
Rules of the Game
Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
The Wine in Dreams
The Ride

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